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Pete Stocking , Owner & Installer

PETE STOCKING, Owner & Installer

Pete Stocking has been utilizing alternative energy for most of his life. After graduating from Oregon State University with a science degree, Pete lived in the remote Oregon woods off-the-grid. Among the myriad of alternative energy devices employed in the off-grid cabin, solar thermal was one of the most important. During that time, Pete worked as project manager for Pacific Biodiesel on many diverse assignments - almost all of which utilized heat transfer fluids and their associated controls.

With Pete's competency in understanding the importance of project scope, time-line and budget while employing elegant and sustainable technology, he has become an invaluable team-member to Aqua Care Solar LLC.

Steve Ruby , Founder & Installer

STEVE RUBY, Founder & Installer

Steve Ruby graduated from Red Rocks Community College in 1993 with a degree in Solar Thermal Technology, where he would later return to teach classes.

Steve has been designing and repairing solar thermal heating systems, solar spas, pools, and home heating devices for more than 30 years. His diverse experience as technician and environmental advocate coupled with his friendly charm make Steve a wonderful asset to Aqua Care Solar LLC and more importantly the solar industry as a whole. 


Adam Lane,  Lead Technician

ADAM LANE, Lead Technician

Adam entered the solar field in 1999 in Phoenix Arizona with a company known as SUN AMP Power as a Trace inverter repair technician. From there, Adam pursued a career in renewable energy studying photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind & hydro systems. Eventually he pursued certifications at Everblue College in Golden, Colorado and graduated with NABCEP certification & BPI certification. Adam entered the solar thermal industry in the summer of 2006 working with the leading solar thermal design, engineering, and equipment manufacturing company, Novan Solar. He remained with them until their untimely demise in 2009. From there, Adam joined SolSource and worked in both commercial and residential solar thermal and solar PV until 2011. Adam left SolSource to join Custom Solar for a brief period prior to starting his own solar thermal and PV service and installation company known as Integrative Home Solutions LLC. He currently serves as a senior solar thermal installation and repair engineer at Aqua Care Solar LLC. In addition to his broad solar thermal background, Adam is also well versed in off-grid photovoltaic applications.

Eric Opela,  Technician

ERIC OPELA, Lead Technician

Eric is a Solar Heating and Photovoltaic expert with over 14 years of professional experience in Denver and the surrounding areas.  He is experienced in all phases of the project including design, project management, installation, and training, although his best days are in the field installing an efficient, modern system, or making sense of and resurrecting an old forgotten one.

Rachel Leo , Engineering & Marketing Intern

RACHEL LEO, Engineering & Marketing Intern

Rachel is currently in her last year at CU Boulder studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in renewable energy. She has been with Aqua Care Solar LLC for one year working on various projects. Rachel is an avid learner and has a thorough understanding of solar energy. Her assistance with installations and repairs have been greatly needed. Rachel's webpage work and her latest marketing campaigns have been invaluable. Upon graduating, Rachel hopes to further her knowledge by continuing to work in the renewable energy field. 

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