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Louisville recorder over 40 hail reports in 2018 alone, one report even reporting hail up to 3 inches. This volume of hail has greatly impacted roofs and solar thermal systems in the Louisville area. If your solar thermal system is in need of repairs/upgrades or your roof needs to be replaced, Aqua Care Solar is the company to call. We will walk you through recommended repairs if deemed necessary or simply detach and reset the panels to provide access for roofers.

The city of Louisville has partnered with Xcel Energy to enhance the cities renewable capacity. In 2017, Louisville decreased their electricity usage by 3.2% and decreased their natural gas usage by 1% from the 2015 baseline. This decrease resulted in shrinking their overall carbon footprint by 11% throughout the area.

If you are need of solar repairs, roof repairs or looking to make the investment into a new solar thermal system.

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