Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings In Action

lpc-logo1912_125 Longmont Power and Communications released its 2013 report to the community which included EnergySmart Program Results. The savings results are as follows:

  1. 1,195 residential customers received on site energy assessments
  2. 5,725 CFLs and 38 LEDs were installed at no cost to homes
  3. 357,500 kWh of electricity was saved by residential customers.
  4. 46 Longmont businesses received energy efficiency retrofits and saved 1060 natural gas therms and 564,700 kwh in electrical savings.

Each kWh of electricity save and each natural gas therm translated into actual $$ saved. These add up quickly. According to LPC, energy retrofit projects completed in 2010 reduced 2013 utility costs by $174, 000.  That is real results.

Energy efficiency creates jobs with the retrofits and offers costs savings with reduced energy usage. Win-win.

Call Aqua Care Solar today and see how we can help you become more energy efficient in 2014 and save money in 2014 and beyond.