2012 Rebates and Incentives

A bit of exciting news for Boulder County residents, Energy Smart is offering rebates for existing solar thermal system rehabilitation.  You'll need to be an Energy Smart Participant.  Now is the time if you were putting off getting your system running in peak condition.  Call us at 303-589-4428 for all the details.

We will soon find out what the state and federal 2012 rebate and incentive programs are going to look like for energy efficient appliances, boilers, water heaters and solar installations.  Keep checking back here and as soon as word comes down we'll post it here.

Boulder county has additional limited rebates available and you'll also need to be an Energy Smart Participant in order to receive them (we can get you started on that).  The items are limited and the dollar amounts relatively small, but don't miss out if you're planning on home improvements this year.

Please call our offices for detailed information on how you can take advantage of all of these rebates.