New Rebates Available

Time to Think About a New More Efficient Pool or Spa Motor?

It's critical to plan ahead. Don't wait until your motors break down. A motor that is maintained and operating efficiently reduces downtime, increases reliability and boosts productivity. Motor systems account for approximately 60% to 70% of the total electricity used in a facility. Additionally, equipment purchases can represent about 2% of your motor expense while the other 98% is operating costs. Replacing your old motor with a more efficient one gives you the most opportunity to realize cost reductions.

A new more efficient motor can help reduce operating costs and pay for itself over time. Your return on investment may vary depending on your overall usage, but you will see the benefits on each electric bill. Motors that run continuously, such as pool motors will realize the most savings.

As a business electricity customer, you can receive rebates for new motors, motor upgrades, variable/adjustable drives and custom projects that offset your critical first cost.

XCEL is offering rebates on replacement of working motors through 2011. These range from $25 to $13,000 and are limited in number. So if you are looking to replace your old, inefficient motor, don’t wait and miss out on the opportunity to receive a rebate.

Please call our offices to discuss your motor and rebate options. But hurry, these rebates will go quickly.