What Kind Of Solar is Right for You?

  • Solar Thermal power is ideal for heating water which in turn can be used to heat your water or assist your furnace or boiler to heat your home or business. Typically solar heat will carry the loads during spring, summer, and fall and will lower your total annual heating bill by 50-70% overall, depending on application.
  • Photovoltaics (PV), or Solar Electric, uses light waves to generate electricity. This energy is used for operating your every day electrical appliances, such as computers, TV's, even your air conditioning or hot tub. These last 2 items are large energy users and are a significant part of the annual electric load. While it is possible to use PV for heating your home and water, there is an efficiency loss compared to solar thermal and it is more efficient at this time, to heat with solar thermal.

What’s Right for You?

Solar Electric systems will save you money on your electric bill. Solar Thermal systems will save you money on heating your business, home, hot water and even your pool and spa!

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